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The theater system is used to configure and control various gameplay components of Insurgency.

The scripts themselves are KeyValue files which can contain all of the information while also allowing you to use certain macros that allow you to make the script inherit other base files. They are highly customizable and a powerful tool for creating new experiences for players.

File Structure

Every theater file starts with a key entry named "theater".

Group Description
Core Settings Used for setting up files that need to be precached while also allowing you to register custom animation activities.
Teams Used to configure team names, logo's and cost modifiers for items like weapons and their attachments.
Player Templates (classes) Templates for assigning teams, class names, player models, allowed items, default kit and class dependent cost modifiers.
Player Settings Scoring, weight, speed, movement, stamina, focus, suppression, damage
Player Gear Gear
Weapons Weapons
Weapon Upgrades Weapon Upgrades
Explosives Explosives
Ammo Ammo