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Workshop upload tool

Content is uploaded to Steam Workshop using the in-game Workshop tool. This can be accessed by clicking Workshop then Upload on the main menu.


When you have completed your map and it is ready to be uploaded to Workshop, first of all if you have used any custom assets you will need to pack them into the BSP file. This can be achieved with the bspzip command line utility included with the Insurgency SDK, documentation as well as a list of replacements are available on the Valve Developer wiki.

To upload, go to the upload tool in-game and select the BSP file. It will give an error if the map .txt file cannot be found or is invalid, if you get this error make sure the map script is placed in the same directory as the BSP and make sure it does not contain any errors. The "tags" section should automatically be populated with the list of gamemodes the map supports. A screenshot of the map must also be included and should not exceed 1MB.


To upload content it all must be placed inside a VPK file. The best way to work on your Workshop mod would be to create a "custom" directory under the "insurgency" directory if it does not exist and then create another directory inside it specifically for your mod. From here, you can override and add new files using the standard Source engine file structure. To create a VPK of this directory, simply drag and drop the folder over vpk.exe.

From the upload tool, select the VPK file you created. If you are using multi-part VPKs select the VPK that ends with "_dir". You will also need to fill out a description and add an image for your mod. You will also need to select at least one tag from the list. Please only use tags that are relevant to your mod, tags that do not fit your mod may be removed.


To update your content, select the mod you wish to update from the list under "Published Files" and then click "Update File". This will take you to the upload tool with a couple of slight differences. The first is that you do not have to select an image for your mod this time, unless you want to update it. Secondly, you will also have the option for adding change notes. These change notes are publically displayed in the change notes tab for your Workshop item.