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There are a few ways in which modders can use scripts to modify Insurgency. Each method has its own purpose and Wiki sections with more advanced information.

Theater Scripts

Theater scripts are the basis of the game, defining the following:

To create a total conversion mod, modders must create their own theater scripts which may be loaded by the game, forcing any of the above to use their own settings. Modders can create their own factions, their own weapons, their own classes, squad structures, ammo types, player movement configurations, etc.


Playlists determine which theater is loaded, what the mapcycle is, and various other server configurations that ultimately control the flow of the game when players connect.

The playlist can also be used to set certain console variables, and force certain console variables as well.

Map Scripts

Each map (.bsp) file has an associated *.txt file that is referred to as a map script. The map script determines which game modes are supported for the given map, and which objectives and spawn points are used for that particular game mode.

Lua Scripts

We are working on a Lua scripting system which will make the game even more accessible to modders, allowing them to create custom game modes and more. Additional information about our Lua scripting feature set will be introduced in the future as it continues to be integrated into the game.