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Insurgency debuted in January 2014, a unique tactical shooter that balances brutal realism with adrenaline-filled entertainment.

As an online-focused game, you play cooperatively with friends, competitively in a league, or casually in a public server. We are also introducing offline missions with AI teammates against progressively difficult opposition.

The Insurgency world is a contemporary battlefield - the struggle between coalition forces and revolting insurgents. The game is loosely based on real world forces and locations, including Iraq, and features plenty of authentic weapons across decades of modern conflict. Various weapon upgrades include optics, suppressors, magazines, grenade launchers, bipods, foregrips, and multiple types of ammunition. Optics use 3D rendering, so only the inside of the scope is magnified while the surrounding field of view remains unobstructed.

Teamwork is a central element to the game’s design, rooted from the objective-based reinforcement rules and carries into the formation of units to coordinate gameplay. The communications system utilizes a unique 3D VOIP system, allowing you to hear enemy players talking if you are close to them in multiplayer. A specially designed radial menu and compass brings added intensity to the game’s narrative with gritty voice over according to whether the player is under fire.