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Here's a quick overview of the process of getting setup:

  1. Get access (and create an account over at Plastic)
  2. Ensure you have the prerequisites
  3. Follow the install steps
  4. Configure your branch
  5. Start contributing!

Getting Access

Coming soon!


Once you have been given access to our community Plastic server, you will receive an email asking you to signup for an account on the Plastic website. Use the same email address that you received the email from.

Let us know when you've signed up.


  • Steam account having purchased Insurgency
  • Download Plastic SCM installer

Install Steps

If you already have Plastic installed, please follow the Already Installed Guide steps instead of these ones.

  • Run the installer

Download and install the Plastic SCM GUI. They include server components in the installer package, you can unselect them when installing. You also don't need any IDE or office integrations.

Take note when you get to the following dialog:


We will send you the server repository address.

Use your email and password that you used to signup for your account on the Plastic website.

You don't need to click SSL, Plastic SCM cloud connections are always encrypted.

  • Create a workspace

Once Plastic has been installed, you will be presented with the following dialog:


Click "New".

  • Configure new workspace

You will be prompted with the following dialog:


The "Default repository" will default to the right repository. Leave the "Workspace Name" alone. You can put the directory anywhere, but a common place is inside the "custom" folder of Insurgency so you can test it like any other workshop modification.

Select Branch

  • Branch view

Plastic will now show you its main window:


  • Select your branch

Find and highlight your branch in the branch window:


Then right click and press "Switch workspace to this branch".


You're done! You can now checkin content to your branch of Day of Infamy.

If you have content you want us to merge into our main branch, let us know!

Need a Merge?

Due to limitations with Plastic SCM on the cloud, if you need a merge from the main branch, you can contact us and we can do it for you.

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