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Below is a list of all of the playable maps for Day of Infamy


Bastogne is based on the famous Battle of the Bulge siege that took place in the Ardennes forest surrounding the city of Bastogne. In a major counter-attack effort the German Army sought to push back the advancing Allied forces. American Airborne forces stood strong in the outskirts of Bastogne, where this map takes place.

Bastogne Preview 01.jpg

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Ss Comacchio.jpg
Dog Red

Dog Red is named after the Dog Red sector of Omaha Beach, a section of one of the bloodiest beaches in the Normandy beach landings on D-Day. The map features Invasion mode where the American team must advance up the beach and into the trenches, forcing the Germans into retreat.

Ss Dog Red Bunker.jpg

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Ss Ortona.jpg

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Ss Reichswald.jpg

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Ss Sicily.jpg