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Community Involvement and Organization

The community’s involvement should be primarily on the content-creation side. We want to include some high quality maps, weapons, characters and audio created by community members. As for the design of the game itself, we will be allowing modders to create their own unique factions, weapons and class loadouts, however we reserve the right to curate them to ensure a high quality experience.

We are creating various portals for the community to get involved in developing for Day of Infamy. Below are the main places to collaborate, share progress and actually submit content.


You can collaborate with other developers on our official NWI forums, which can be found at the following link:

Trello Roadmap

For seeing and reporting progress, there is a Trello board. If you are creating content for DoI and would like to post content onto the Trello board, you may request to become a member of the Trello board. You can find the Trello board at the following link:


For actually submitting your finished content to the project, we have set up a public Github for source control management (SCM) here:

Curation and Publishing

If you submit content to the Day of Infamy Github, NWI will review your submission before it gets accepted into the mod. What is accepted into the mod will get included in the next released version of the mod.

The mod will be distributed via Workshop and will be updated periodically. NWI will be involved in the distribution and planning of these updates.

Testing Maps

If you are working on a map and want it to be included in the official map cycle, it will need to be tested and approved by the developers.

The first step is to submit your map to Workshop, so that the community can start to download it and custom servers can start loading it up if they wish to. NWI will set up some official servers for testing maps in progress, so that the maps can get enough players to be tested thoroughly. This way you, as a creator, will receive the feedback you need to get your map up to the quality standard of being on the official map cycle.