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The "core" group of a theater file allows you to tell the game which files it needs to precache and which custom animation activities it has to register.

In the Source Engine you have to precache most of your files during load time. For models and textures this is generally handled automatically but for resources like sounds, particles and custom localisation you will have to manually register the sound scripts, particle definitions and language files.


Group Key Description
precache A group containing entries of files that have to be precached
sounds Path to a soundscript file
localize Path to a localisation file
particles Path to a particle definitions file
activities Custom animation activities
act Name of activity

Sample Code

	// Precaching section
		// Custom sounds
		"sounds"			"scripts/custom_sound_script.txt"
		"sounds"			"scripts/custom_sound_script2.txt"

		// Custom localisation
		"localize"			"resource/customgame_%language%.txt"

		// Custom particle definitions
		"particles"			"particles/custom_particles.pcf"

	// Activity section
		// Custom activity