Day of Infamy:Spawnzones & Blockzones

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How to create a spawnpoint for each faction.

  • ins_spawnpoint - Should exist within an ins_spawnzone. Location of where users will start in the map. Set Team Number (int) to Security or Insurgents, and select World Model from models\characters\#faction#\player_#faction#_##.mdl
  • ins_spawnzone - One for each faction. Draw a brush using the tools/tools_trigger_spawnzone texture, and then select it and hit Ctrl+t. Change the class to ins_spawnzone. Set Team Number (int) entity property to Security or Insurgence, and associate with respective block zone under Block Zone. Determines the spawn area.
  • ins_blockzone - One for each faction. Blocks the other team from entering the spawn zone.