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[[Day of Infamy Overview]]
[[Day of Infamy Overview]]
[[Day of Infamy Design Goals]]
[[DoI Design Goals]]
[[Day of Infamy Important Milestones]]
[[DoI Important Milestones]]
[[Day of Infamy Future Plans]]
[[DoI Future Plans]]
== Guidelines ==
== Guidelines ==
[[Contributing Content to Day of Infamy]]
[[Contributing Content to DoI]]
[[Creating Maps for DoI]]
[[Creating Maps for DoI]]

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Game Information

About Insurgency



Game Modes


Modding Overview


Creating Levels

Day of Infamy

DayOfInfamy Cover.jpg

Mod Information

Day of Infamy Overview

DoI Design Goals

DoI Important Milestones

DoI Future Plans


Contributing Content to DoI

Creating Maps for DoI

Creating Weapons for DoI

Creating Characters for DoI

Submitting DoI Content to Github