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Multiplayer Modes


Attack and defend game mode where one team must take three objectives in linear sequence while the defending team must stop their advance. If the attackers take all three points, they must defend their weapon cache to the last man, where they have a last stand opportunity to win the round.


There are 3 objectives and each team has a weapon cache. In this symmetrical multiplayer mode teams fight over these objectives and try to force the other team to run out of reinforcements. Each time an objective is captured your team gains a reinforcement wave, unless your cache gets destroyed, in which case your waves will continue to drain. This is a very tactical and balanced sustained combat game mode with a hybrid focus on objective capturing and sabotage.


There are three objectives. When captured, your team reinforces. Control all three to win.

Cooperative Modes


Gain control of an enemy town by securing three strongholds in whichever order your team prefers. In this non-linear mode destroying enemy weapon caches weakens them and allows the strongholds to be more easily controlled.


Linear attack game mode where your team must attack and hold multiple objectives in a linear sequence.


Defend against endless waves of attacking enemies at increasing difficulty.


Eliminate all enemies in the area and take out their weapon cache, which is in one of three potential locations.