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Insurgency uses <Insurgency> Valve's Hammer World Editor for Level Design. Although this page won't teach you how to use the tool from scratch, here you will find Insurgency specific level creation tutorials.

If you want to learn how to use Hammer from scratch, we highly recommend heading over the <Insurgency> Source SDK Wiki where you can find everything you need to become proficient with Source Level Design.

Getting Started

To locate <Insurgency> Hammer :

  • Right click on your Insurgency game in your Steam Library
  • Click on properties
  • Click on Local Files tab
  • Click Browse Local Files.
File:Insurgency LevelDesign Tut01 01.jpg

Basic Setup

Game Mode Setup

Map Scripts

Navigation Meshes

Insurgency uses Nextbot Navigation Meshes for the AI, which is the same system used in Left 4 Dead and Counter Strike Source. The concept is to draw 2D flat meshes on top of the world geometry to indicate the walkable space to the AI.

Although there are many automated systems to facilitate the process, it is always necessary to manually polish the nav mesh after generating.

Here are a few tutorials about Navigation Meshes:

Pro Tip : The game will automatically analyze the nav right after generating it, which takes a substantial amount of time. Since you will have to re-analyze the nav after any changes you do, you may want to speed up the process by entering the following cvar "nav_max_distance 1" Once you are done editing your nav, simply reset this cvar to the default value, and analyze the nav.

Testing and Iterating