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The official GitHub repository is the place to find the latest development version of the mod.


In order to download the mod you need a Git client such as GitHub for Windows. This will allow you to "clone" the repository to your local machine.

Github save.png

Clicking the "Save" icon on the repository will open it in the GitHub for Windows client.

If you are using a third party Git client or the command line interface, make sure you have the Git Large File Storage extension installed.


In order to contribute content you must create a fork. This can be done by clicking the Fork icon at the top right of the GitHub repository page. This will create an identical repository under your own account that only you have the ability to submit content to. Once you have done this you should be able to clone the newly created repository using the GitHub for Windows client.

In the folder that has been created for the repository you can copy/modify files as you would normally in Windows. Once you are happy with your changes GitHub for Windows should detect the files under the "Changes" tab you have added and modified locally. From here you can review the changes and add a summary of your changes. "Commit to master" will update your local copy of the repository with these changes. Once you want to push them to GitHub click "Sync" to begin the upload process.

Doing this will only change your own fork of the mod. To submit your changes for approval on the official repository you must create a pull request with your changes. You can do this by clicking the "New pull request" button on the official repository. You can read more about pull requests here.

Contribute using SourceTree

SourceTree is a Git client created by Atlassian and maybe a better alternative to the GitHub for Windows client. It's free but you do have to register in order to use the software for more than 30 days. Since the Day of Infamy repository uses the Git Large File Storage extension, it is necessary to install Git for Windows and Git LFS separately, binary distributions are available from the links. In SourceTree, instead of using the embedded Git you will use the system version of Git. This can be configured in Tools > Options > Git. Click "Use System Git" and if you are asked to find git.exe, point it to the copy in C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\bin